Citibrain’s Smart Traffic solves the problem of traffic management in urban environments in an intelligent, adaptive and non-invasive way. Consisting of the installation of low-cost sensors throughout the city streets and intersections, a continuous traffic monitoring with wireless communications is provided, enabling prompt and efficient traffic control to management systems and authorities.
The solution allows the interaction with vertical road signs, information panels installed at critical points, and citizens, by sending alerts to mobile applications and calculating the best route to reach a determined destination, taking into account the current traffic conditions.

Central System Functionalities

  • Continuous data stream of the city traffic
  • Detection, prediction and prevention of traffic congestions
  • Alarms configuration
  • Alerts, guidance and traffic data for citizens
  • Big Data and statistical analysis to support urban planning
  • Open data platform interoperability


  • Sensor
    • Magnetometer for vehicular detection
    • Wireless Communications: Sigfox/LoRa/NB-IoT
  • Informative panels and traffic light interoperability
  • Mobile application
  • Open data to integrate with existing applications
  • Integration with traffic control systems


  • Improved quality of life
  • Traffic congestions and pollution reduction
  • Support in the urban planning
  • Optimization of traffic routes
  • Improve the city image

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