With Citibrain‘s Smart Waste Management System, it is simpler to manage the urban waste collection from our cities. Through the placement of sensors with low energy consumption and high durability in the traditional trash bins, it is possible to keep a tight control on the state of the container, its location and security, thus increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the waste management teams.

Urban waste can be seen as a resource for the whole processing chain. Encourage recycling, generate rates based on each citizen’s contribution and make your city greener. Take the wheels from one controlled model by the simple presence of the containers, to one in which the necessity and quality of service prevails.

Screenshot Smart Waste

Central System Functionalities

  • Remote monitoring of the containers occupancy levels
  • Management platform with multiple profiles and permission levels
  • Waste collection resources and routes optimization
  • Alarms configuration
  • Statistical data analysis and gains measurement


  • Application for waste collection routes management
  • Wireless, battery powered sensors
  • Ultrasounds or Infrared sensor for container occupancy level detection
  • Temperature sensor for fire detection
  • Accelerometer for motion detection
  • Remote sensor configuration
  • Wireless communications: SigFox/GPRS/NB-IoT
  • Fixing structure suitable to any type of container


  • Intelligent waste collection planning
  • Increased business efficiency (decrease of the operating costs of waste collection)
  • Contribution to better quality of life (reducing gas emissions, noise pollution, roads deterioration)
  • Detection of anomalies and security issues

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